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    No, I must turn too, he said. Maynt I walk with you?】【There is no way out there, she said. Look into yourself and tell me if you really believe there is. The way is barred. You yourself bar it. How could I then pass over it?

    Alice gave a little hoarse laugh.Well, I hope youll not say or do anything to put him off, she said, the practical side of the question claiming her. Im sure its high time Alice was married, and never yet has she taken to a young man as shes taken to Mr Silverdale.

    I hope shes notnot very unhappy, he said. He could not help saying that: he had to speak of her to somebody.Keeling pushed back his chair as he often did when he was disposed for a few minutes talk, putting a gap between himself and his business table. He gave her a smile and a long look.

    For another half-hour the two worked on at their separate tables. The girl never once raised her eyes from her task, but sat with one hand following down the list of names and figures, while with the other she entered them in their{81} due places in the ledger. But her employer more than once looked up at her, and noted, as he had noted before, the decision and quickness of her hands, and, as he had not noted before, the distinction of her profile. She was remarkably like her handsome brother; she was also like the picture of one of the Rhine-maidens in an illustrated edition of the Rheinegold. But he gave less thought to that than to the fact that he had evidently secured an efficient secretary.I saw nothing hungry about his face, said Alice, with decision. He looked so rapt and far-away as if anything like food was the last subject he would think about.】【

    Keeling bent over the book, and with his eyes on the page, just touched the arm of Properts black coat.{41}

    Quite. But it seems to me I am far from obstinate. I have given way.】【

    He delighted in her, in the astonishing irony of her calling him sir again. He had deserved it too, for he had spoken to her with the old office manner.

    Especially the young ladies, and of these especially the silly ones. He can have an influence with my poor Alice without holding her hand and whispering to her. Hes a flirt, and I dont like flirts, especially those who wrap up their nonsense in religion. Cant you do something to stop it? Hes always coming here, isnt he? I dont like all that pawing and touching, and saying it is spiritual influence.】【

    Mrs Keeling tried to recollect something about quarrels she had been party to. There was the case of the two little tiffs she had had lately with her husband, once when he had distinctly sworn at her, once when he had asked her so roughly what she meant with regard to her little joke about Norah and the catalogue. One of those, so it suddenly seemed to her now, had led to a pearl-pendant, which seemed to illustrate Alices theory of quarrels leading to warmer attachments. She had not connected the two before. She wondered whether Mrs Fyson would say that that was very clever too.... She determined to think it over when she had leisure. At present she was too curious about Alice to attend to it. But she would think it over at Brighton.{223}