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    "Why should I mind?" asked Bergan, smiling. "She used to call me her son sometimes; though you do take such pains to give me to understand that you utterly repudiate me as a brother."

    It was not without difficulty that Brick was convinced of the inevitableness of his return to Major Bergan. Not only did his heart yearn to be in the service of his young master, but he was fully persuaded that he could help, rather than hinder, his fortunes. He forcibly expressed his willingness to work his fingers off in the cause, and gravely proposed to put himself on a course of semi-starvation, in the matter of "keep." All this being of no avail, he was finally forced to mount Vic, and turn homeward, a picture of the blackest despair.

    "From the hand of Chance," she answered briefly, "one gets little good, and much harm; from the hand of Providence, only good, however disguised. The difference is in the taking and the using.""Is he?" asked Mrs. Bergan, innocently. "I did not know that he was anybody's friend.""I see," said Bergan, smiling. "The consummate little rogue!"

    And then, all at once, she forgot to watch them. Suddenly, or gradually, she knew not which, a magical change had been wrought in her surroundings; old things had vanished, all things had become new. A new sky, a new earth,stars and cloud-shapes of bewitching vagueness and softness,scenery of wondrous coloring and surpassing loveliness,lights that were tenderer than any shadows, and shadows that were only subdued lights;of what were these things the signs? Had she also been drifting, and whither?"May I ask what you are going to do?" inquired Rue, after a few moments of thought.

    "Oh," said Roath, with a prolonged falling inflection. And after a moment's consideration, he turned back to his books, as if there were no more to be said."De engagement, sah? since October, I b'lieve."

    Doctor Remy raised his eyes, and met the meaning glance of his colleague. "You suspect" he began slowly, and then paused, as if not quite willing to put his thought into words."And if he does," persisted Dick, "our will goes for naught, of course,won't even be looked at, I suppose. They'll 'trust to the label of the bag,' seeing there's no necessity for opening it!"

    Chapter 14 THE WAY STOPPED.

    "It may stand for Offero's idea of the face which he cannot see," suggested Astra, in a low voice.

    One day he met her in the street alone, but, as he never presumed in the least upon the half confidential relations into which circumstances had thrown them, he was passing on with a courteous bow, when she stopped him.