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    "He had a genius for the study," replied Bergan.

    The last words were spoken with ineffable contempt. Then, suddenly rising, as if to dismiss the subject, the Major remarked, with an entire change of tone and manner:

    "This is plain talk, Astra," said Dr. Remy, growing pale with anger and mortification. "If you were not a woman, it would be easier to answer it.""Do you think the proof insufficient, then?" asked Carice, with a little look of wonder in her blue eyes."I would gladly do so, if I knew how," answered Bergan, "but I am not certain that I can find the place myself; I never saw it but once, and then it was in the night. At the worst, however, we can cut a way into it. Come, uncle; come, Hubert, you will both be needed; and we ought to have a doctor, too. The secretfor there is onehas long been kept, but it must needs out now; and it is as well that it should, the day of such things is over."

    "None," answered Bergan, with scorn that he could not repress; "except that it narrows everything,aim, responsibility, hope, faith, desire, and fulfilment,down to man's miserable self!""And what is that?" said Astra, quickly; at the same time flashing a swift, searching glance at her work, as if she would fain have anticipated the criticism.

    "Oh, is that all? I thought I must have been at least a hundred,it seemed such an age since I used to eat this green stuff with relish. But you are certainly young yet, though you do look a year or two older than you did yesterday.""For lunaticsyes," said the doctor dryly.

    He looked up. "Bruno, how long has this been going on?"At the same time, Dr. Remy stood smiling to himself, in his office,a dark, ominous smile.

    Bergan, meanwhile, sought for the hidden spring. It required some time and thought before he found and pressed it. The secret chamber being then exposed to view, Rue was discovered sitting at the massive secretary, in a large arm-chair, with her head bowed on her folded hands. She was dead; Doctor Gerrish affirmed that she had been so for some days. Ample provision of food and water was near; she had died a perfectly natural and peaceful death, from the infirmities of old age. It was apparent that she had deliberately chosen this spot for her death-chamber. But why? That was a mystery."I am very glad to hear it," responded Doctor Remy, with mock earnestness. Then he turned to his companions. "Her master's death has set her wits to wool-gathering," said he. "Have we any more time to listen to her maunderings?"

    Was she, as she had desired to be, alone?"It's easy to see that you are Miss Eleanor's son, you have just her kind, pleasant ways," responded the blind woman, gratefully. "He is a little taller than you, Master Harry," she continued, turning toward the Major, as she laid her hand on Bergan's head,"yes, just a little taller, though not much."