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    How do I guess it is warm or cold? I feel it. Tell me.】【

    Very likely, my dear, said her mother, though its poor work entailing your pictures if you havent got anybody to leave them to. Indeed, I dont see how they could be entailed unless you had somebody nearer than a second cousin to entail them for. I shouldnt think the law would allow that for so distant a relation, though Im sure I dont know. Bless me, youve put on your new red dress. Whatever have you done that for? Just to sit quietly before the fire at home?Mr Keeling regarded his wife with a faint twinkle lurking behind his gray eyes.

    That intense vividness of perception that had been lit within him when, half an hour ago, the clock on his chimney-piece chimed, still blazed.{302} He noticed a hundred minute details in the room, his ear separated the hum of the street below into its component ingredients: there was a boy whistling, there was a motor standing with its engines still working, there was a street-cry concerning daffodils, another concerning evening papers. Memory was similarly awake: he remembered that his wife was giving a little dinner-party this evening, that Silverdale, who was setting out on his mission to the docks next day, was to be among the guests, and that Alice expected that the slippers of Maltese crosses would be back from being made up, in time for him to take them with him. He recalled, out of the well of years, how in the early days of his married life Emmeline had made him a pair of slippers which did not fit, and in the same breath remembered the exact look of her face this very morning when a message had come from her cook saying that she could not get a bit of salmon anywhere. And as each impression registered itself on eye and ear and memory, he hated it. But nothing concerning Norah came into his mind: sometimes for a moment a blank floated across it, behind which perhaps was Norah, but she produced no image on it. He could not even recollect her face: he did not know what she was like. There was the horror of it all: everything in the world but she had the vividness of nightmare, and she, the only thing that did not belong to nightmare, had gone from him.{303}Keeling was being insensibly affected by his companions simplicity. Behaviour seemed a very easy matter to Lord Inverbroom: it was a mere matter of being simple....

    All the morning the see-saw went on within him, and when she rose to go for her hours interval he noticed that she took the parcel containing the wood-block with her. And very ill-inspired he made an attempt at surrender.Now dont be mean, Miss Propert, said he.Now Mrs Keeling had a very high opinion of her powers of tact and intuition. Here was a situation that promised to drive the final nail into the cheap and flimsy coffin of Mrs Fysons hopes. Mr Silverdale had come to tea all alone with Alice, and here was Alice writing him a note that required an answer not half an hour afterwards. Her intuition instantly told her that Mr Silverdale had made a proposal of marriage to Alice, and that Alice had written to him saying that he must allow her a little time to think it over. (Why Alice should not have said that, or why Alice should not have instantly accepted him, her intuition did not tell her.) But it was certain that no other grouping of surmises would fit the facts. Then her intuition having done its work, though bursting with curiosity she summoned her tact to her aid, and began to talk about the spiders web again. She was determined not to pry into her daughters heart, but wait for her daughter to open the door of it herself. Alice (and this only served to confirm Mrs Keelings conjectures) responded instantly to this tactful treatment, and began to talk so excitedly about the spiders web, and the plush monkey, and their journey to Brighton next day, that Mrs Keeling almost began to be afraid that she was feverish again. But presently this volubility died down, and she{220} sat, so Mrs Keeling rightly conjectured, listening for something. Once she was certain that she heard steps in the next room, and went to see if her father had come in: once she was almost sure that the telephone bell had rung, and wondered who it could be disturbing them at their chat over the fire. Then, without doubt, the telephone bell did ring, and on this occasion she pretended she had not heard it, but hurriedly left the room on the pretext of taking her tonic. She left the door open, and Mrs Keeling could distinctly hear her asking her tonic apparently who it was, though well aware that it was strychnine.... Then after a pause she heard her thanking her tonic ever ever so much, and she came back looking as if it had done her a great deal of good already.

    Mrs Keeling looked positively roguish.{226}Mrs Keeling paid no attention to this: she hardly heard.He turned to Norah.

    Too far out, he said. And I think the villa-building is being a bit overdone. Anything else? he said.

    Mrs Goodford had pointedly taken a place next her daughter, which was as far as she could get from Mr Keeling, and, still without speaking, she advanced her plate up to the edge of the dish. Again she ate in silence, and pushed her Yorkshire pudding to the extreme edge of her plate.Order it for me, please. The man could draw, couldnt he? Look at the design of embroidery on the coat of that fellow kneeling there. Theres nothing messy about that. But it doesnt seem much of a poem as far as I can judge. Not my idea of poetry; theres more poetry in the prose of the Morte dArthur. Take a cigarette and make yourself comfortable.

    She spoke to me of that, said Charles, and asked that you would send it to me, to forward to her. But I cant give you her address without her express permission.】【